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3 Star Euro Profile Cylinders BSi-Kite marked Thumb Turn. Secure Replacement for your existing Euro Profile Cylinder or if changing from Key & Key to Thumb Turn function. Part of your fire escape plan.


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3 Star Cylinders Euro Profile BSi Kite marked. THUMB TURN

Independently tested in accordance with:
BS EN1303:2015, TS007:2014 & A2 2018
BSi Certified TS007:2014
3 Star BSi Kitemarked
Licence No. KM 673833
Classification: 1 6 0 1 0 C 6 D

The new Sterling 3 star Euro-profile DoorMinder cylinders are independently tested
and certified by BSi. They are designed to provide maximum security and have
innovative patented features to give greater security and peace of mind to the
consumer. The cylinders are ideal for residential doors but are equally suited for
commercial buildings.
Features include anti-drill hardened pins to resist drilling and cylinder plug extraction,
anti-pick mushroom pins to resist attack from picking and manipulation, anti-bump
mechanism to stop attack from bumping and have a snap-safe feature to further delay
attacks on the cylinder. In addition, a patented cam protection system locks the cam
and stops it from turning.

• Solid brass body & plug
• Snap-safe sheer line
• Anti-drill hardened pins
• Anti-bump mechanism
• Anti-pick mushroom pins
• Secondary cam protection system
• 100,000 key differs
• 240 Hours Salt spray tested
• 30°offset Cam

Enhanced security
DoorMinder 3 star Cylinder has an innovative patented cam protection
mechanism and is engaged as soon as the key is removed.
Even after an attack this secondary protection system stops the cam
rotating and unlocking the door without the key.
Thumbturn has a push mechanism to release the cam protection.

The 3 star DoorMinder cylinder is perfect for upgrading or replacing existing cylinders and do not require additional security hardware to protect the cylinder. The sheer line should always be placed on the external side of the door.