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Letterplate Restrictor. Eliminates FIRE WORKS through the letterbox. Eliminates carkey fishing. I would recommend to add one each end of the letterplate to avoid it being distorted under pressure.


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Key fishing through a Doors' letterbox is a real problem, but this problem can be easily stopped with the addition of our Letter plate  Restrictor.

Our letter plate Lock restrictor will prevent theft from key fishing of your car or house keys and attacks such as arson or fireworks being pushed through your existing letterbox

  • Suitable for Wooden, uPVC & Composite Doors
  • Compatible with most letter plates
  • Simple to fit,supplied with screws
  • Restricts the opening of the letter plate on the inside
  • Prevents visibility of occupancy
  • Reduce risk of vandalism, fishing and lock manipulation
  • Adjustable to allow full closure, part restriction or full opening
  • Two is recommended, one for each end of the letter plate